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Understanding the VoxLab Credit System

At VoxLab, we understand that different users have different needs when it comes to text-to-speech usage. Therefore, we have designed a flexible and balanced credit system to suit your specific requirements.

What is the Credit System?

In VoxLab’s credit system, one credit represents 10 characters. This system allows you to generate text-to-speech as per your needs by earning or purchasing credits. Each credit allows the generation of 10 characters of text-to-speech, providing you with a clear measure of your usage.

Earning Credits

There are two primary ways to earn credits within VoxLab:

  1. Watching Advertisements: This is a free method of earning credits. By investing your time in watching brief advertisements, you can gradually accumulate credits. The number of credits you earn per advertisement will vary, so keep an eye on the opportunities available to maximize your credit balance.
  2. Purchasing Credit Bundles: If you need a larger number of credits instantly, you can choose to purchase them through our in-app credit bundles. These bundles provide a larger quantity of credits at a lower price per credit, providing value for money.

Here are the available in-app credit bundles:

  • 250 credits (2,500 characters) for $0.99
  • 1000 credits (10,000 characters) for $4.99
  • 2500 credits (25,000 characters) for $9.99

Purchasing a larger bundle provides more value, reducing the cost per credit. For example, the 2500 credit bundle effectively costs less than 0.004 cents per credit, providing you with an affordable way to generate large amounts of text-to-speech content.

How to Purchase Credit Bundles

To purchase a credit bundle:

  1. Open the VoxLab app and navigate to the ‘Store’ or ‘Credits’ section.
  2. Choose the desired credit bundle from the options available.
  3. Complete the payment process using your preferred payment method.
  4. Once the transaction is complete, the purchased credits will be added to your account balance immediately.

Monitoring Your Credit Usage

You can monitor your credit usage at any time by navigating to the ‘credits’ section of the VoxLab app. Here, you will find your current credit balance. By keeping a close eye on your credit balance, you can ensure that you always have enough credits to generate the text-to-speech content you need.


Our credit system provides flexibility and fairness, ensuring that you only pay for what you use. Whether you’re an occasional user or require substantial text-to-speech generation, the VoxLab credit system is designed to adapt to your needs. Stay in control of your budget and usage with VoxLab.

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