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Voice Requests

Understanding VoxLab Voice Requests

At VoxLab, we believe that our user community is at the heart of everything we do. Your feedback, suggestions, and needs play a crucial role in shaping the direction of our platform. This is why we have made it easy for you to submit Voice Requests. Whether you want to suggest a new voice or recommend adjustments to existing models, we’re all ears. This article explains how you can make a Voice Request and how your input contributes to the evolution of our voice models.

How to Submit a Voice Request

Submitting a Voice Request is a straightforward process conveniently located on our platform. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Navigate to the Voice Models List: Open the VoxLab app and navigate to the home page where you will find a list of all our voice models.
  2. Find the Voice Request Option: At the bottom of the voice model list, you will find the option to “Submit a Voice Request”.
  3. Submit Your Request: You will be redirected to Twitter/X. Compose your request, specifying whether you want to suggest a new voice or propose adjustments to an existing model. While we are present on other platforms, we monitor Twitter/X primarily for feedback and voice model development.

How Your Voice Requests Make a Difference

Each Voice Request submitted is reviewed and carefully considered by our team. These requests serve as invaluable insights into what our user community wants, helping us prioritize which new voices to add and which existing models to improve.

New Voices: If you’ve ever wished you could generate speech with the voice of a particular celebrity, character, or even a specific accent, you can submit these suggestions through the Voice Request feature. If a suggested voice gains enough popularity within the community, we will strive to add it to our voice models list.

Model Adjustments: Your feedback on our existing voice models is equally important. If you feel that a particular voice model could be clearer, more accurate, or simply have a different tone or style, we want to know. These suggestions help us continuously refine and enhance our voice models to provide a better user experience.


Your input is what drives VoxLab to improve, innovate, and grow. With the Voice Request feature, you have the power to shape our voice model offerings. So whether you have a new voice in mind or improvements to suggest, don’t hesitate to submit a Voice Request. Let’s continue to make VoxLab the go-to platform for text-to-speech generation together!

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